Romigom the Bounty Hunter.

Miguel iglesias spacepirate7 sincasco artstation
Miguel iglesias spacepirate7 concasco artstation

Digital Art Painting [Time Lapse]-Character Concept Art Design-11- Starwars Pirate2

Continuing with my "Character a day" challenge, here is another character visually inspired by the Star Wars universe.

This is a personal challenge where I have to create a new character from scratch and without any previous preparation in one single day( 8 hours). The aim of this challenge is to train my mental and creative agility and my hand by creating this character under these limitations and finishing them to a certain level of polish.

I also made a short story you can check on my Facebook page:
A small teaser of it:
Once a decorated officer from his home planet militia, he lives now as a renegade and gun for hire.
Assassinations, bounty hunting and all other type of dirty works you could imaging are legit business for him if the pay is good enough. He doesn’t care where does the clients comes from, neither their status or their intentions as far as they honour the contract and pay once the job is done...